Green Economy Nepal

Green Economy Nepal

Green Economy Nepal (GEN) has been founded in (B.S.2071) 2014 by a professional group with the main motive to research the high valuable holistic product and creating jobs in local village maximize the wealth of the organization doing ethical business. Since, the establishment of the organization, GEN has been doing various activities to generate economic return abiding in the laws of the country.

The Vision, Mission, Goal, and Objectives of the organization are as mentioned below:

VISION: GEN has the vision to expand and serve natural holistic products in the desired market gap, like Rudraksha beads, bracelets, praying bead mala, Acupressure cushion, plants, soil testing service with farming guidance, etc.

MISSION: GEN has a mission to produce various Organic and Holistic products, maintain the quality of the product, and market the product in the targeted group both nationally and internationally and do various research in the related field.

GOAL:  The main goal of the organization is to produce various quality Holistic Items, organic herbal product, foods and research in the extraction of Rudraksha fruits for its medicinal value.

OBJECTIVES: GEN has the following objectives.

  • To plant high-value plants like Paulownia, Rudraksha, Agarwood, Avocado, Sandalwood trees in various districts in Nepal.
  • To conduct research in the extraction of Rudraksha fruits for its medicinal purpose.
  • To inter-crop inside the forest for various plants like spices plants, medicinal herbs, organic vegetables, and cereals.
  • To maintain the quality of the product and do various market research in order to fulfill the demand of such products by GEN.
  • To build a network with right channel of distributor or wholesaler worldwide.


Since the establishment of the organization, GEN has been doing various activities and has learned huge lessons. We have done the following activities:

  • Planted 9000+ Rudraksha, 500+ Sandalwood, and Agarwood plants. Fruits and herbs plants like Rosemary, Oregano, Pepino, Avocado, etc. And production and collection of high-quality holistic Beads like Rudraksha and promoting such products in national and international level business exhibitions like in Belt and Road Initiative of China, (Silk Road).


  • GEN has ongoing research in the extraction of Rudraksha fruit and bead for its medicinal value in research lab center in Nepal.


  • Organized interaction program to 25 districts with various stakeholders to sensitize the issues of the farmers, and organize farmers for the common benefit.

“I feel so vibrant and energize in my body and in chakra locations when meditating with this Rudraksha bioenergy bead bracelet and acupressure yoga mat”, Thanks a lot for Green Economy Nepal and its team on creating such holistic products. – Diplove Gautam, Healer, Coach, therapist, mind strategist, Foundation Director at Bouddha Inn Meditation Center.

Content Creator: Mahasen Pandey

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