is the initiation of connecting the South Asian Handicraft to handicraft lover all over the world. South Asian Handicraft is a platform where we want to give the right value of the product to the artisan, craftsman, manufacturer of handicraft around south Asia. We have started in Nepal. If we keep something outside of South Asia, We will let you know in the description.


Our values are five Buddhist precepts those are

  1. To abstain from Killing: We use this value by not promoting the animal product or animal body parts in handicraft.
  2. To refrain from stealing: We use this value to not steal your information without your permission.
  3. To refrain from telling lies: We use this value with our customer by not lying about the product or any information we have kept on the website. At the same time, we can’t share confidential information with everyone.
  4. To Refrain from all intoxicants: We use this value in our company by making sure no one gets intoxicated while at work.
  5. To Refrain from sexual activity: We use this value by not promoting any kind sexual activity or relationship between employees, or employee-customers, employee-sub-ordinates.

These values apply to all employees, partners, staffs and all the shareholders in south Asian Handicraft.


Our company vision is to sell every kind of handicraft our customer ever wants. We want to sell handicraft manufactured in South Asia at affordable price globally. We will link the artisan and craftsman creation with the right value of their hard work. We get up to give the right value to our customer for their love towards handicraft.


Our mission to build the platform for artisans so that they can sell their crafted item. Our purpose is to serve the customer with integrity. We want our artisan to earn respect for their work.

Note: is registered in a Nepal government office “Gharelu and Sana Udyog Karyalay” with the name of B.K Traders. The PAN Number is 609255995.

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