South Asia is full of arts and culture so do the various craftsman and artist of different kinds. There are many craftsman who work on stones, woods, and various metal such as copper, gold, silver and make different windows such as kumari window, Ashtamangala Window, Peacock Window, Eye Window, Indoor window; different statues such Buddha, Maya Devi, Namgel, White Tara, Green Tara, Chenrezig, Kuber, Aparmita, Padmasambhava, Bhairava, Dukkar, Bajrasato, Manjushri, Akash Bhairab Statue, Amitabh Buddha Statue, and many more of different design of carving and sizes.  

It’s difficult to keep all the article available in stock because of the huge investment needed to make handicrafts.  It’s also very difficult to confirm the availability of so many items.

There are so many statues (even statues of Ganesh, Buddha, Manjushri, Padmasambaba, Aparmita, Tara, Green Tara, White Tara, are on sale only in Kathmandu valley) available. There are also large statues of Ganesh, Buddha, Tara, Guru Padmasambaba, Guru Rinpoche, etc. are made. It’s possible to get right statues in right price at right time in right way using this form and paying only $25. It’s also possible to get the right craftsman who can make statues of your desire and get delivered with the minimal service charge of $25 only .

Customized order takes a considerable amount of financial investment and patience. 

You can make your customized order at a cost of $25 and use this Google form for giving a description of your order.

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