Product Description

This Brass statue is very lustrous. The appearance of the statue is very attractive so it will make your room or hall of your home or office look very beautiful. It will add beauty and make you look a person of great taste for art and craft.

Brass is durable material so this statue is. The price of this statue will increase over time.
Shipping is free, insured, free return.
Make your home or office look gorgeous.
Stock is limited so make the purchase decision ASAP.

Material: It is Brass and beautifully carved.

Dimension: 12 inches

Time to make: 2 to 3 months

Weight:  3.5 kg


Seller Description

The owner of this item is Nepal Dhalot Udhog. They have been preserving wide varieties of traditional crafts for ages. Their all statues are traditional, carved by experts and superb craftsman of Nepal. All of their statues are extremely eye catching because of their expertise in Statues. They have the expertise in gold plaited copper and Bronze statues.

Nepal Dhalot Udhyog stand for:

  • Guaranteed Quality and Design
  • Genuine product
  • Wide variety of original items of superb craftsmanship
  • Items in competitive price


Estimated time for arrival: 1-2 weeks around anywhere in the world.

Return: Return in 7 days in case of any damage.