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Imperial Guardian Lions carved on Stone

Imperial Guardian Lions: it’s often miscalled “Foo Dogs” in the west. It is used in imperial places, temples, Buddha Pagoda, Bridge, Mausoleum, mansion, gardens, and so on. Lions indicated safety and luck. Generally, Stone lions refer to the paired lions outside the gate. It is said that the lions are regarded as the divine beast. It is gradually has become the mascot outside the gate, and it can drive away the evil spirits.
The lions are always presented in pairs, a manifestation of Yin (Female) and yang (Male). The female lion is kept on the right-hand side and the male is kept on the left-hand side.


Product Description

Material:  Black stone

Dimension: Around 30 cm height and 30 cm length

Time to make: 14 days

Color: White

Weight: 16 Kg

SAHCODE: 2S-1017


Why isn’t the product quoted?
The price hasn’t quoted because we don’t own any product. We will check the availability of the product and quote the price after your interest in purchasing/investing in the item. We can reveal the price with shipping cost once you disclose your country. Thank you!

Why do you have shown pictures of the craft and not detail?
As we are the creators of Nepalese, Buddhist, and Hindu statues, decorative items, and other items; we can create it according to your need.

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