Padmasambhava statue (guru rinpoche statue, guru padmasambhava statue, Golden statue, shipping free)

1 505.95$

Padmasambhava statue (guru rinpoche statue, guru padmasambhava statue, Golden statue, shipping free)

1 505.95$

Guru Padmasambhava was known as Guru Rinpoche. He was born in the 8th century and considered as Indian Buddhist master, who introduced tantric Buddhism to Tibet and who is credited with establishing the first Buddhist monastery there. Padmasambhava is widely venerated as a “second Buddha” by adherents of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Himalayan states of India. Padmasambhava is regarded as the founder of the Nyingma tradition. One Quote of Padmasambhava “When you Keep company with an eminent master, his qualities will automatically influence you.”

Seller Description

The owner of this item is Nepalese handicraft. They have been preserving wide varieties of traditional crafts for 70 years. Their all products are traditional, carved by experts and superb craftsman of Nepal. Most of Nepalese handicrafts are extremely eye catching because of their typicality and oriental design. They have the expertise in gold plaited copper and Bronze statues, Silver and gold jewelleries, Semi-precious and precious stones, religious and decorative items. Nepalese handicrafts stand for:

  • Guaranteed Quality and Design
  • Genuine product
  • Wide variety of original items of superb craftsmanship
  • Items in competitive price
  • Free shipping to all his products

Product Description

Material:  Copper with Gold plaited

Speciality: having emerald ruby

Dimension: Around 36 cm Height

Time to make: 2 to 3 months days

Weight: 6 kg

SAHCODE: S1-1006

Availability: Ships Internationally free

Payment Method: Please use Paypal. Our other payment gateway isn’t working right now. Thank you!

Contact Person: Bimal Jaiswal


Estimated time for arrival: 5 working day around anywhere in the world.

Estimated price of shipping: Free

Return: Return in 7 days in case of any damage. is the initiation of connecting the South Asian Handicraft to handicraft lover all over the world. South Asian Handicraft is a platform where we want to give right value of the product to the artisan, craftsman, manufacturer of handicraft around south Asia. If we keep something outside of South Asia, we will let you know in the description.

Our Values are: To refrain from telling lies, To refrain from stealing, To abstain from Killing, To Refrain from all intoxicants, To Refrain from sexual misconduct.




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