Stupas are also called Chaitya. A stupa is used in a place where we do meditation. In past time, Stupa was used for keeping relics.  It’s a very beautiful structure that invites peace. People do circumambulation around stupas, it is a very important ritual in Buddhism. The stupa symbolizes the five elements of our body have made with and the relationship between all these elements. That is the essential attributes of a fully realized human being, the base of the stupa signifies earth and equanimity, the dome represents water and indestructibility; spire represents fire and compassion; above the spire signifies all-accomplishing action; the very top, jewel represents space and all-pervading awareness.

Seller description:

Heera stone carving is the owner of this Stupa. Heera Bazarcharya is the owner of the of the firm and He has been taking this art of carving on stones for 3 generation. He makes life on stone. Stones that came from the mountain of Nepal. He is working for 32 years in stone carving industry. His work gives him independence and freedom. 

Product Description

Material: Black stone

Dimension: Around 76 cm height and 48 cm length

Time to make: 2 Months

Color: White

Weight: 70 Kg

SAHCODE: 2S-1000

Availability: Ships Internationally free


Estimated time for arrival: 5 working day around anywhere in the world.

Return: Return in 7 days

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